Sealants - High-Tech Help for Preventing Cavities

Virtually invisible, sealants prevent decay and save you money.

Advanced technology makes a great tool for preventing cavities, and that’s why sealants are so popular. Made of a super-thin resin, sealants protect the surface of back teeth—premolars and molars—to keep out decay-causing food, plaque and bacteria. Sealants are clear or white, so they blend in perfectly with your teeth.

Adults who don’t have fillings, teenagers and younger children all can benefit from sealants. In particular, sealants help children because their teeth have many bumps and grooves that trap cavity-causing bacteria. No matter what your age, sealants offer outstanding protection, because back teeth are hard to reach and clean, so they’re always cavity-prone. While sealants don’t take the place of brushing and flossing, they work like an amazing, undetectable suit of armor to fend off decay.

Here’s more good news. Sealing your teeth is easy, fast and painless. Anesthesia is not needed for this procedure. Your dentist will clean the teeth and apply a special primer. Then each tooth is carefully coated with an ultra-thin layer of sealant. For more information about sealants, click here.

To make sealants even easier, we accept most dental insurance and offer a dental discount program for patients without insurance.

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