Endodontics – root canal therapy

Endodontics -
Root Canal Therapy Can Help Save A Smile
And Stop The Pain

If you have a tooth that is cracked, damaged or decayed, a root canal can stop further damage and save your tooth.

You want to keep your natural teeth for as long as possible, and root canal therapy can help you do just that. Each year, millions of people receive this common treatment, which is performed by a dental specialist, called an endodontist, who has received two extra years of specialized training.

If a tooth is painful, discolored, sensitive to cold and hot, or your gums are very tender, these are signs a tooth may be infected. This can happen if a cavity has grown very deep or the tooth is cracked or broken. When that happens, bacteria infect the soft tissue inside your tooth, where antibiotics can’t reach.

An endodontist is highly skilled in diagnosing and treating the soft tissue, or pulp, inside a tooth, which consists of nerves and blood vessels. This tissue extends down to the tooth’s roots.

Your dentist and root canal specialist will work together to restore your natural tooth. The root canal specialist will carefully examine your teeth, jaw, gums, and mouth to determine the extent of the problem and recommend what treatment is needed. He or she will explain the treatment and answer any questions you might have. Root canal therapy is usually performed under a local anesthetic. In general, this involves removing the infected pulp inside of your tooth chamber and root canal. The area is then carefully cleaned, medicated and permanently sealed. Your dentist may need to restore your tooth with a permanent crown so that it looks and feels completely natural.

Problems that require root canal therapy can’t be put off, so if you are experiencing the symptoms described earlier, call us today for an appointment.

To make sure you can afford this procedure, we offer a number of flexible payment options. We also accept nearly all dental insurance plans, and special programs are available for patients without insurance.

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