Oral surgery

Oral Surgery –
Special Professionals When You Need
Specialized Care

Working with your dentist, oral surgeons can make sure wisdom teeth and other more complex problems get the correct treatment to help get you smiling again.

If your dental health requires more invasive procedures, your dentist may refer you to a skilled specialist in oral surgery. An oral surgeon is a dentist who has received four to six years of additional training beyond dental school in oral surgery. They also have advanced training in different types of anesthesia and sedation techniques to provide you with the best care and comfort.

Oral surgery may be required if you need reconstructive procedures, some extractions—such as troublesome wisdom teeth or for a tooth that is too damaged to save. An oral surgeon may be needed if you have an infection or an injury to your teeth, mouth, jaws or face. They have the skills to place a dental implant for a tooth replacement and to correct a cleft lip or palate. There are many other serious conditions that an oral surgeon can diagnose and treat. Many procedures are performed in the oral surgeon’s office, while others may be done in a hospital. Procedures can be done under sedation if desired.

Removing wisdom teeth is the most common reason to see an oral surgeon. Wisdom teeth, or third molars, usually come in during the late teens or early twenties. Wisdom teeth can push your other teeth out of alignment, or they may not come in all the way. They may be out of their normal position or impacted if other teeth or bone are blocking them.

Your dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon after carefully examining you and diagnosing your problem. They will explain your situation, prescribed treatment and what to expect during and after treatment. For more information about oral surgery, click here.

Because keeping good oral health is so important, we work with you to help you afford the procedure you need. We offer a number of flexible payment options and accept nearly all insurance plans. We also offer special programs for patients without insurance.

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