Extractions - Skilled Care When You Need A Tooth Removed

Our modern techniques and expertise help the procedure go smoothly and speed up the healing process.

When a tooth needs to be removed, you can depend upon us for skilled, experienced care with a comforting touch. If you feel anxious or uneasy about having a tooth removed, we offer gentle sedation to help you through. For more involved tooth extractions, such as wisdom teeth, we can have an oral surgeon treat you.

For a simple tooth removal, your dentist will explain the steps in detail and answer all your questions. The area will be x-rayed to help your dentist plan the best procedure for removal. Then the area will be numbed using local anesthesia so that you will feel pressure, but not pain.

You’ll receive detailed instructions on important steps to promote healing. This includes what to take for discomfort, how to handle any swelling and how to keep the area clean. During healing if excessive bleeding takes place or you feel extreme discomfort, we have a doctor on call 24/7 to help you.

We offer a number of flexible payment options. We also accept most dental insurance plans and have a dental discount program for patients without insurance.

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